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Two strong demonic spirits are on the rise...

Two strong demonic spirits are on the rise around the globe trying to establish a hold and creating a platform of destruction in this time. The first one, fear is trying to establish the platform for the second which is the unleashing of a spirit of violence. Because of this the Lord’s glory is rising with intensity in his peoples hearts and lives pushing back the forces of evil. God is not calling a selected few or remnant. God is calling His church and His body as a whole. There are no selected few. There will only be the ones that respond that will rise in His glory. You may call the responders to His call as a remnant but all are called to rise in His power and glory. The ones who rises in His glory will experience greater dimensions of His presence and purpose for their lives. They will not cast judgement - they will discern and speak life creating God’s purpose in situations and events.

It’s a time to press into prayer creating deeper intimacy and stronger relationship with the Lord. It’s a time to be sensitive to His Spirit’s surges and nudges in our lives. Many may be spiritually cold or even lukewarm right now but no one will miss the tugging, pulling, nudges and prompting of the Spirit in their life. Be alert and attentive - its there. Its a time to respond with diligence! It’s a time to diligently keep on giving to the kingdom of God were you are connected. There is a great harvest being prepared for many souls will come into the fold of the kingdom of God in a short space of time that will establish the stage for the second wave. Be ready.

No one has entered into greater seasons of their lives without intense wilderness experiences. Wilderness experiences that were even created and designed by God (or allowed by God).

  • Joshua had his wilderness before he entered the promise land

  • David had his wilderness before he entered his season of kingship

  • Even Jesus being lead by the Spirit had His wilderness experience before entering into His ministry season

This might be a wilderness for many individually or corporately. Remember in the wilderness choices are made which establishes our purpose and sets our course taking us to our destination. It's in the wilderness we literally become our identity and revelation/s in Christ.

For example; David found his revelation in God that even if my mother and father abandoned me the Lord will hold me close. While tending the sheep David worshipped the Lord and became his revelations he had in God! He knew he was in covenant with God. David knew he had authority in God. David knew God was his provider. David knew the Lord was his protector and shield against any harm that may come his way! In the wilderness David became his revelations in the presence of God while worshipping God.

With these revelations in his heart David slew his goliath/s. After each goliath he slew (there was more than one goliath/challenge in his life) he moved on into a greater dimension in the authority and power of God. The more we handle pressure the quicker we grow and the greater breakthroughs we experience - This means we create our own spiritual authentic weight!

This is a time of creating greater spiritual authentic weight. Let the church arise and it’s enemies be scattered!

Love you all!!!


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