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Mission Statement

Awakening True Image & likeness which Results In Authentic Harvest.


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Didier Tison serves as a corporate executive in the world of business and as an apostle in ministry.

He has planted churches and established multiple successful companies worldwide and is acclaimed as an international speaker, business coach and astute author. He has a strong anointing of wealth creation, the prophetic and the gift of healing and is passionate about the current upcoming youth; firmly believing that each generation has an explicit and unique purpose of God to fulfil.
Didier is certified in Agronomy Studies and Crop Sciences and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry. He has extensive experience in the agricultural industry with a specific focus on new business entrepreneurship, innovative product development, customer service excellence, solution selling skills and management training. This makes him a sought-after coach and speaker for leadership training, business coaching and ministry impartation, taking him to nearly every continent in the world. His business, personal and ministerial footprint covers the four corners of the globe.

DF Tison

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